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Handmade Quilt Shop near Intercourse, PA

Detail in every Quilt Stitch

With over 30 years of experience in quilting, Rachel knows what a good quilt should look like. But it is more than a great look that matters. Every quilt found in our quilt shop in Lancaster County is carefully hand sewn with 7 to 8 stitches per inch. Stop by and see the difference for yourself or find your quilt online and submit a request. 

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Amish Quilts, Quillows and More

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The Story of our Quilters

The story of every quilt you will find in our quilt shop in Lancaster, PA is a story of itself. Amish quilters across the county and in surrounding counties work tirelessly on each piece of art. The result is a truly heirloom quilt waiting for you in our quilt shop in Lancaster. 

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Quilt Shop near Paradise, PA

Your Quilt Shop in Lancaster PA

Our quilt shop is located on a real Amish farm in Lancaster County, PA. You will find 100+ original quilts on display at our quilt shop. You can visit our shop or call us to find the perfect quilt that will last more than a lifetime. 

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We are located only miles from many of the major Amish attractions in Lancaster County, PA. Visit our quilt shop and choose from our 150+ quilts on display. You will surely find one that fits your taste.

We happily accommodate bus groups. Please contact us in advance to plan your visit.